how he stopped chasing sleep

When doTERRA essential oils were introduced to me they were for my husband. He had been chasing sleep for several months and all aspects of his life were being impacted by the lack of a good night’s sleep. Mood swings, loss of appetite, little to no energy, falling asleep at work (yikes!), and generally just feeling like BLAH.

We started with a diffuser and some lavender. After just a few nights of commitment to the oils he experienced big changes. He was able to go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. This in turn sparked my passion for researching and so began my study of sleep, the oils and oil combinations to support a restful night’s sleep.

We branched out from just lavender to include a lavender/vetiver combo which packs a great night’s sleep punch! We also incorporated a rollerball blend of frankincense, bergamot & cedarwood which we roll on the soles of our feet and massage in before bed. Talk about off to dreamland….

I used to think I slept “fine” until I started incorporating the power of essential oils into my nightly routine. A definite game changer. I sleep more soundly than I ever have in my life. The ripple effect of a good night’s sleep impacts all areas of my life. More energy and a better immune system to boot.

It’s been two years plus and I can tell you that this has changed his life and of course it has impacted mine as well… no more grumpy hubby! This one small area, sleep (maybe I should say BIG area) was just the beginning for us on our oil journey. I always share my husband’s story with people I meet because more often than not, someone is chasing sleep and it just doesn’t have to be this way.