my story

I’m Leslie Windheuser and I am the founder of pureoils4life.

I am a daughter, mother and wife as well as a full time educator. I grew up in the midwest and enjoyed every moment of being outdoors after a long winter. This sparked my lifelong interest and study of plants and the power that nature holds. I love being outdoors surrounded by nature with the sun on my face.

Life gets us so busy and we sometimes lose touch with the inner soul tugging that happens when we are young which is exactly what happened to me. I always felt like I was destined to do something really meaningful and good in this life, but was unsure how. I got married and started a family and am a proud mama of four awesome children.

One day after countless doctor appointments and sleepless nights and still no answers I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was feeling “run down” and had had countless sinus infections, colds, bronchitis and eventually walking pneumonia. The doctors could only offer limited relief and no real answers as to why my body was not able to fight off infections.

And so I felt drawn to find my own answers and that somewhere, somehow there was a solution!

I always felt drawn to finding my own solutions, researching, and learning and all of this came together when I was introduced to essential oils. The little brown bottles that showed up in my life not only healed my body, mind & soul but they have opened that doorway back to me and my passion to do meaningful work in this lifetime.